We are the leading provider of towing
services in Atlanta metro area!


“Midtown Towing and Recovery is the only company I call when I need a vehicle towed. I received great service the first time I used them and have had wonderful service each time I’ve had to call them.” – Sarah G.

“I ran out of gas on the I-75/I-85 Connector downtown at the height of rush hour. Midtown Towing and Recovery navigated to me and had gas in my car in an hour. I didn’t miss a beat. Thanks Midtown!” – Rick T.

“I caught a flat and thought I would need my car towed because I didn’t have a spare. Midtown Towing and Recovery came out and was able to fix my tire while also inflating it. I couldn’t be happier with Midtown’s service.” – Jonathan C.

“I locked my keys in my car in my driveway when I had a meeting at work that I was to direct in a couple of hours. My friend told me to call Midtown Towing and Recovery. They came out right away and unlocked my car. I was able to get to work and prepare for the meeting and still had time to grab breakfast. I am satisfied with Midtown Towing and will use them again in the future.” – Alicia M.

“I left my car door open overnight and it drained my battery. I didn’t have anyone around with jumper cables so someone suggested Midtown Towing and Recovery. I called and they came right away. They charged my battery and I was on my way in no time.” – Jason D.

“Midtown Towing and Recovery towed my car home and discovered that I needed a new battery. My car wouldn’t start so the driver took me to the auto parts store so I could buy another battery, and then brought me back home and installed. Great service!” – Ameera P.

“I was stranded on the side of a small highway in my area of town.. I was looking on the Internet for a towing company, and while I was doing this a Midtown Towing and Recovery truck pulled up. He didn’t receive a call but he did see that I was having car trouble so he decided to stop and see if he could lend a hand. I needed to have it towed so he was in the right place at the right time, and he got the business since he was considerate enough to stop.” – Janice R.